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General rules (UK)


General Rules for Inhabitants and Tenants of Waterpark It Soal

Waterpark It Soal is an exclusive estate in the outer parts of Workum. The luxury houses are situated along broad, clean water and are surrounded by communal green space designed in a stylish lay out. Every season here has its own charm.
To ensure the enjoyment of stay as well as the exquisite quality of the park, all inhabitants and tenants have to observe some strict and simple rules. Please maintain the following rules, for your own sake and that of all others.
For any questions, remarks or uncertainties you can contact the executive committee or, if you are a tenant, your lessor. In general, please behave in a civilised manner and prevent that you cause any inconvenience for other people staying at the Waterpark. The executive committee thanks you in advance and wishes you a pleasant time in our beautiful park.


Parking is only allowed at the parking place(s) belonging to the house in which you are staying. If you have more cars than there are parking places at your house, you are obliged to park these at the visitors car park of the Waterpark directly to the right when entering the territory of the Yacht Club and the Waterpark (sign: ‘Parkeren bezoekers’).
If this car park is full, you can park on the huge car park of the Yacht Club. Report yourself at the gate of the Yacht Club, tell in which house on the Waterpark you are staying, and you can park free of charge. The same counts for guests you might host during your stay.
It is strictly forbidden to park your car(s) anywhere else. Trailers are also not allowed in the park and should be placed outside the Waterpark on either of the two mentioned car parks.

Maximum Speed on the roads.

The maximum speed on the roads of the Waterpark is 10 km p.h. This means you are obliged to drive dead slow.

Maximum speed on the waterways.

The maximum speed on the waterways of the park is 2 knots p.h. (not even 4 km p.h., thus very slow indeed). This is important to secure save swimming and limit noise pollution. Yachting on the park is strictly forbidden.

Dog Dirt.

All dogs to be kept on a leash.
The Waterpark is not an area to walk your dog. If your dog decides to answer nature’s call at the park anyway before you reach the dog toilet (see below), you are obliged to remove the droppings immediately. This can easily be done with a small plastic bag or spoon. You can put the droppings in one of the garbage containers situated on the car park of the Yacht Club alongside the Waterpark.
Parallel to the road leading to the Waterpark and the Yacht Club, the ‘Suderseleane’, is directly on your right hand at the entrance of the park and the Yacht Club a dog toilet (direction IJsselmeer, next to the ditch; sign: ‘hondentoilet’).


Garbage should be deposited in the garbage containers situated on the car park of the Yacht Club alongside the office. The containers are located at the northside of the Havenkantoor. Also bottle banks can be found on this car park. Please dispose of your garbage  in the appropriate containers.
Because of vermin (insects, rats, hares) it is stricly forbidden to place your garbage next to the containers.


It is forbidden to walk, climbe or cycle  over the privacywall at the northside of the Waterpark. This to avoid damage.



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